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‘The Enemy Is Dividing the Church Right Now,’ Charlie Kirk Warns Church Leaders at Strong Church Dream Conference

Charlie Kirk Tommy Barnett Strong Church
Pastor Tommy Barnett and Charlie Kirk at Strong Church Dream Conference 2024. Photo credit: Jesse Jackson

Monday night (Feb. 26) kicked off Dream City Church’s annual Dream Conference. This year, the church partnered with Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA Faith to bring a first of its kind conference tailored to ministry leaders. The event is titled Strong Church.

Dream City Church is led by senior pastor Luke Barnett and describes itself as “a community of people united in our common mission to gather as God’s people, grow in understanding of God’s Word and grace, and reach out to serve others in Jesus’ name.”

The church was founded in 2006 by co-pastor Tommy Barnett with its main campus located in Phoenix. The church has grown to a multisite church with campuses in Arizona, Utah, and California.

At Strong Church Dream Conference 2024, attendees will hear from the Barnetts, Kirk, Jentezen FranklinJack Graham, Jack Hibbs, Riley Gaines, John AmanchukwuRob McCoyEric MetaxasVictor Marx, Seth Gruber, Sean Feucht, and others.

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The conference also boasts over 50 workshops to help teach ministry leaders succeed in their area of business or ministry by making Jesus the focus of everything they do.

Luke Barnett said the conference is an “opportunity for you to gain new perspectives, tools, and resources to lead your congregation with renewed vigor and insight. It’s a time to connect with peers, learn from experienced leaders, and return to your ministry equipped and inspired.”

Charlie Kirk Encourages Church Leaders That the ‘Enemy Is Dividing the Church Right Now’

TPUSA founder and president Charlie Kirk shared during the conference’s opening welcome how his organization first connected with Dream City Church. The mission of TPUSA “is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government and serve the American church by resourcing Christians across the nation to stand for liberty and The Kingdom.”

Kirk said that the White House called and wanted to do an event for the 2020 election during the pandemic when facilities were on lockdown. Having met the Barnetts before, Kirk called them to ask if they’d be interested in hosting President Donald Trump at their church.

The Barnetts not only accepted but also followed through with hosting the event—something Kirk said usually doesn’t happen because hosts tend to back out amid pressure from the news media.

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“One thing led to another,” Kirk added. “And we said, why don’t we try to combine forces this critical year of 2024 in the state of Arizona to try to send a message to the rest of the world that the American church is going to stand for liberty? The American church is going to stand for righteousness.”