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Ed Stetzer: How to Pastor People in an Age of Outrage

“Tribalism causes us to only say the critiques that people in our tribe will agree with.”

“Christians don’t need to be co-opted by culture in such a way they can’t speak prophetically…to both Democrats and Republicans.”

“For the body of Christ, we need to be responsible for the things we say.”

“Social media I think is part of the cause of the problem, but detaching is part of the solution to the problem.”

“[Some Christians] are being discipled—literally—by their cable news channel.”

“People are far more connected to their cable news channel and to their social media community than they are being shaped by the word of God.”

“Christians are too quick to believe lies about things in culture today. We’ve got to be more mature; we’ve got to disciple our minds.”

“I think right now people are clinging to the idol of greater power.”

“We [need] to not see political power as the end goal of the Christian faith.”

“You can’t war against people and reach them at the same time.”

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