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Margaret Feinberg: How Food Reveals the Heart of God

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Margaret Feinberg has a heart for extending the hope and grace of Jesus to others and speaks regularly at conferences and events across the country. She is a best-selling author who believes some of the best days are spent around a table with amazing food and friends. Her latest book is Taste and See: Discovering God among Butchers, Bakers, and Fresh Food Makers. Margaret and her husband, Leif, pastor a church outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Key Questions for Margaret Feinberg

-Why do some people outside the church perceive Christians as inhospitable?

-How does hospitality relate to God’s mission?

-How can those of us in the church enter into hospitality with God?

-Why do you always leave some of the meal prep to your guests?

Key Quotes from Margaret Feinberg

“I think it’s easy for people to walk into a church and walk out with some sense of ‘No one saw me.’’’

“It is essential that all of us as leaders become highly sensitive to the ways that we can show the heart of God, which is the heart of hospitality to everyone who is coming into our churches and our meeting places, and as we go out into the world, and as we open our homes.”

“All of us are called to hospitality.”

“Hospitality, no matter how gifted you are, no matter how good you may feel at it, actually begins in the presence and in the person of God.”

“[God] keeps using food and food imagery throughout scripture to draw people’s hearts back to himself.”

“When I [share a meal with you], there is something that happens that is a confession that I cannot do life on my own.”

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