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John Cooper: We’re in a Fight to Keep People in the Kingdom

“It seems as though the people building the biggest brands in Christianity are also the most unwilling to make a stand for truth.” 

“It’s so enticing to want to please the world…There is an entire social media culture of ‘world-pleasing’ that you can do without feeling that you have compromised.” 

“Holding to absolute truth is so key to everything in Christianity. If you don’t hold to absolute truth, then we don’t even know if God is real.”

“So many young people grew up in a world with the internet where really they were so bombarded with so much information that they just didn’t know what was true. So they found a way to say, ‘Maybe it’s all kind of true.’”

“For me as an artist, it would be so easy to go down the path of relativism because you’re always away from the church because you’re always around relativistic voices and you’re always around liberal voices.”

“Most of our young Christians do not have a Christian worldview…because that is not the culture that we grow up in any longer.”

“Every once in a while, someone will accuse me of doing the controversy just so I get likes…[but] in terms of business, it’s a terrible way to build your brand because you are dividing people.”

“To be honest, what I wanted to do was just throw seed, I saw myself really as just kind of a herald of the great news of Christ, a little bit of John the Baptist if you will.”

“I just said, ‘Lord, I think you’re leading me, stop me Lord if you’re not, but I think you’re leading to say, it’s time to start speaking out about these issues.’ Yes it’s going to be dividing, yes, it might mean that I can’t go into certain venues that used to go in. It might cost me a great deal…It’s might narrow my field of influence, but we have to do it.”

“I feel like we’re fighting to keep people in the Kingdom…from losing themselves, falling into destruction. I don’t know what that means, but I feel it in my spirit and I see it all around me.”

“Young people are so confused…we are in a life and death urgent situation. I believe that with all my heart.”

“I am all about the local church. And I am all about people, talk to your pastor, listen to your elders, don’t listen to me! But maybe I can be an encouragement to you to read your Bible.”

“I am not a theologian, but I love the Word of God….Jesus has been a fortress for me and his Word never changes.”

“When I first spoke out, I expected that people were going to be really mad at me, and I am telling you, I got so much support from pastors.” 

“I want to join in with what pastors are already doing, which is, hey, we’re at war against ideologies that set themselves in opposition to the Word of God.”

“I just respect pastors so much…these people are amazing to me.”

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Matthew 10:32

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