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Franklin Graham: We Have Never Been a Christian Nation

“Governments come and go, just like we have presidents in this country that come and go. But I’m still going to support our Constitution, I’m still going to support our government. And churches in Russia are going to support their government, churches in France are going to support their government, churches in Germany are going to support their government…but at the same time, we want to be good citizens in this world, regardless of what nation we belong to.”

“I think the million plus people that showed up in Washington [on Jan. 6] were concerned citizens and were concerned that the election was fraudulent. Whether it was or not, history will tell us. But they certainly had concerns about it.”

“The people that marched down and broke down the doors of the Capitol, those weren’t Christians.”

“Were there Christians down at the White House listening to Trump’s speech? Yes. But those that went into the Capitol, I just think that was a different group of people.”

“If a person is a Christ-follower, they have to be a Bible-believer and follow the Word of God.”

“There are some Democrats I think are worth voting for, there’s some that I wouldn’t, and same thing with the Republican party.”

“There’s a lot of evil in our country today, and that’s why it’s so important for us as Christians to stand for the Word of God and not compromise on God’s Word.”

“You have to look at [Trump’s] policies. You can’t look at his personality…over the last four years, he did what he said he was going to do.”

“Not everything that [President Trump] did was right. He certainly made some mistakes. But you have to look at his policy on moral issues as it relates to life. And that is so important. He was the most pro-life president we’ve ever had.”

“I just think for us as Christians, we’ve got a very difficult few years in front of us. We’ll lose a lot of our freedoms, and I’m not sure we’ll get them back in our lifetime.”

“I think there are a number of churches that have caved in on some moral issues. Homosexuality is not a political issue; it’s a moral issue. Abortion is not a political issue; it’s a moral issue. And I think for us as Christians, we need to stand on moral issues.”

“When we see Jesus in Revelation, it’s a scary picture. This isn’t some loving person coming out of heaven. He’s coming to conquer…and for everyone living in sin, he’s going to judge them, and it’s not going to be pretty.”

“It’s not about trying to minister to people with different views. Preach the Word of God, and let the Word of God shape people’s views.”

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