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Sean McDowell: Scripture Is Very Clear About God’s Design for Sexuality

“I think we lose some authority in the minds of people when it becomes about who we elect and passing particular bills, and we lose the larger focus of what we’re trying to do…With that said, we need to thoughtfully and wisely support people who are defending religious liberty.” 

“I’m convinced from the research on Gen Z, my work with students, and being in the classroom that even our best kids in Christian schools, Christian homes, and churches are far more influenced by a secular understanding of the world than they are by a biblical view. Hands down.”

“Don’t practice what you preach; preach what you practice. In other words, if we want to talk about loving the LGBTQ community, go out and find people wherever they are in your community and build relationships with them, and not as a project.”

“[A youth pastor, a friend of mine, said], “Honestly, I actually was homophobic. I didn’t realize it, but God broke my heart for these people cause I saw these kids suffering.” 

Mentioned in the Show by Dr. Sean McDowell

Genesis 1:27
Genesis 2:24
Genesis 3
Leviticus 18
Deuteronomy 10
Psalm 19
Matthew 19
Mark 7
Romans 1:18-26

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