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Ravi Zacharias: Does God Favor a Particular Gender?

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Ravi Zacharias was pitched a difficult question recently by a young man whose mother identifies as a feminist. The young man explains his mother is a questioning Christian and finds the Bible speaks of men being dominant over women and women needing to be submissive. An observation that makes this young man ask the question,”Does God favor a gender specifically?”

Zacharias doesn’t miss a beat as he stands to answer the question. And he starts off by saying, “Your mother has a fair question.”

He starts by drawing a parallel with God choosing the Jews to be his chosen people. A fact which many people have scratched their head over. Zacharias’ conclusion: “God, I think, oftentimes chooses the weakest through whom to make his strength manifest.”

Next Zacharias says he must confront a myth we often fall victim to when trying to address this question. The myth is that men are more cerebral, while women are more emotional. Zacharias explains: Women are more consistent in connecting the thought to the emotion, while men tend to hide from feelings and have trouble connecting feeling and thought. Furthermore, some of the finest thinking in the world has been done by women.

Bringing in Scripture and the example of Jesus, Zacharias argues that if God were a discriminator against gender, he would have never had a woman be responsible for delivering the news of the resurrection. Think about it: “The greatest truth on which the gospel hangs is the resurrection… All of Easter hangs on the testimony of womankind—with whom he trusted with the entire gospel.”

“None of us is superior to the other. We only have the same privilege of taking our distinctives and complementary strengths and carrying the message to the world.”

“I would never be here today if it weren’t for the strength of my mother.”

Zacharias concludes: “God is the God of humankind.” Not just men. And not just women. He is the God of both and he designed us to use our particular strengths and giftings to work together.

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