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10 Christian NBA Players To Watch This Season

5. Gabe Vincent

Undrafted point guard Gabe Vincent, 27, signed with the Los Angeles Lakers this summer. Last season, he played a key role during the Miami Heat’s surprising playoff run.

Like many Christian athletes, Vincent uses social media to share his faith and Scripture. “I’m on a mission and God is my guide,” reads his Instagram bio. In a 2021 interview, Vincent said he gives thanks to God every day. “My grandfather was a pastor in Nigeria, so faith runs deep in my family,” he said. “It helps to set the foundation and make you have some reference to accountability. It plays a huge part in my life and success.”

Vincent also has a heart for his young fans—something his mother said stems from his childhood. Once when young Vincent saw a bedraggled boy who was barefoot, “Gabriel took off his shoes and handed them to the kid,” said his mother, Cynthia Vincent.