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Ravi Zacharias on Transgenderism: Follow God, Not Your Desires

Transgenderism is a topic that is drawing considerable debate in 2018. In addition to political questions the issue raises, there are also theological concerns.

Among them–how should Christians respond to questions about gender confusion, self identification and whether gender is changeable?

Ravi Zacharias was recently asked about the topic at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. In this video, Pastor Louie Giglio asks Zacharias to speak to the evolving conversation surrounding gender.

Zacharias offers two books for those looking for additional insight, Gender Dysphoria by Mark Yarhouse, a professor of psychology, and director of the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity at Regent University and Talking Points by Vaughan Roberts.  Roberts is a Church of England clergyman who has admitted struggling with feelings of same-sex attraction.

But regarding his personal thoughts on the topic, Zacharias says many ask him about gender issues when he speaks on college campuses and he knows several people who have struggled with identity issues. He says it’s a real problem, it’s not imagined.

He suggests those confronted with the problem consider a viewpoint he calls the “transversity model” in which “the transcendent truth of what is ultimate has to apply to what is present and how you interpret it.”

He says God designed your body and made it the temple of the living God. The gender God described for you comes with restrictions. He placed the same boundaries on himself when he came to earth as a man.  

In deciding how you will live your life, restrained by the gender in which God designed you, Zacharias said you must let intention be your guiding beacon.

We must all honor God rather than follow our proclivities.

Zacharias points out, “You invited God to live within you. This is his residence. Let him tell you how to manage it.”

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Bob Ditmer has worked in Christian media for more than 20 years including positions with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Focus on the Family.