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Greg Atkinson: How to Take Hospitality As Seriously As God Does

“Tell them who you are before you dive in [to your sermon].”

“I have seen church after church after church that opened up and then shut back down…you’re going to always need to rely on your online campus.”

“It’s the world we’re in now—’phygital’—physical and digital.”

“I would use multiple hosts, multiple faces online…If you hear the same voice for too long, people start to tune out and our attention spans online are a lot shorter.”

“People like Carey Nieuwhof and Andy Stanley have been saying for years now to not focus so much on attendance, but on engagement.”

“Growing up in church in the 80s, just because people were sitting in church did not mean that they were engaged.”

“Online and in-person doesn’t mean one is more spiritual or one is more engaging than the other.”

“I’ve always said the best tool we have in our tool belt is a smile.” 

“Have a digital connection card that lives on your homepage throughout the week.”

“One of the flexibilities we get through an online experience is it doesn’t have to be a certain time that we’ve always had [church].”

“Something that I always look for is, is the pastor available and can you meet with people and pray with people?”

“When you train volunteers, you always want to start with the ‘why.’”

“We’re figuring it out together. There’s no pandemic experts. There’s none of us who have been through this before.”

Mentioned in the Show by Greg Atkinson

Hebrews 13:2
Leviticus 19:34

Matthew 25:31-45
1 Timothy 3
Titus 1:5-9

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