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Timothy Keller: How to Know If You Are a Christian Nationalist

“I think since the coming of Christ, God doesn’t do that anymore, he doesn’t have a ‘chosen people’ in the same way. By the way, I’m not knocking Judaism at all here, I’m just saying the Bible says in the New Testament that now God works through the church in every country in the world. He doesn’t prefer one particular country.”

“A lot of Christian nationalists are not believers at all.” 

“Evangelical theology is not so much really affecting Christian nationalism. Christian nationalism is recruiting in a major way from evangelicals and using us.”

“When the church is seen as basically the handmaiden of the people in power, it always loses credibility.”

“Christian nationalism works on fear and resentment.”

“By the way, things are getting bad for evangelicals…I am not in denial about the fact that 10 years from now, if you have evangelical convictions about sex and gender, you may not be able to work for a major university or for the government.”

“One of the ways you fuel extremism is by treating the extremists as sort of subhuman.”

“You have to be loving and kind, extraordinarily Jesus-y, with [people who leave your church]….you can’t give in. You just can’t let that happen.”

“If you try to avoid losing members and money too much, you’ll probably end up losing them anyway and then have a bad conscience too.”

“To be a true patriot is to love your country, be proud of your country, and actually be allowed to say, ‘Its distinctives are things we want to hold onto because we really think it makes a contribution to the world.’”

“If you say, I want churches to be built in my city, but I don’t want a mosque to be built in my city…that is very un-American. That is a real sign that you’re a Christian nationalist.”

“Christian nationalists want to say, “If you’re not with us, then you are a left-wing Marxist,’ and there’s really nothing in the middle because that’s the only way they can recruit.” 

“If the resurrection of Jesus Christ really, really happened, do you realize that everything’s going to be okay? Do you realize that? That’s huge.”

“Resurrection only comes after death.” 

“Blessings, success, prosperity that you embrace without faith in God will end up becoming a curse for you. But hardship, difficulty, suffering—if you embrace with faith in Christ, those curses will end up becoming blessings.”

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