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Lauren Daigle Thanks Her Fans While Preparing for Negative Reactions to Her New Album

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Screenshots from Twitter / @Lauren_Daigle

Lauren Daigle, who recently told the New York Times (NYT) that she is “terrified” about how people will receive her newest album, thanked her fans for their kindness and encouragement in a video she posted to Twitter Tuesday.

“A lot of ya’ll are sharing stories that are super personal, and it means a lot,” said Daigle, referring to comments on her YouTube videos. “I’m genuinely encouraged, and it gives purpose as to why I’m releasing these songs. So thank you, thank you, thank you, I just want to say I’m grateful.” 

Lauren Daigle’s New Album Drops May 12

Lauren Daigle is a Grammy Award-winning Christian artist who is set to release her latest, self-titled album on May 12. “American Idol” contestant Megan Danielle performed the album’s single, “Thank God I Do,” after advancing to the Top 12 on the show (Danielle is currently in the show’s Top 8). 

Daigle, herself a former “American Idol” contestant, surprised Danielle by joining her in her audition as Danielle performed Daigle’s record-setting song, “You Say.” That single was certified platinum five times, and the 2018 album it is from, “Look Up Child,” was certified platinum once. 

Daigle has departed from her previous record label, Centricity Music, and is releasing her new album with Atlantic Records. The album will be released in two parts, with the first 10 songs coming out May 12 and the second 10 coming out later this year. 

“This is my most precious project,” said Lauren Daigle in a press release. “It’s got fun moments, solemn moments, extrovert moments and introvert moments. And I’m just thrilled about taking my songwriting further on this record than anything I’ve done previously.”

Daigle shared with NYT that she has some apprehension about how people will receive her new album since it will include some love songs. She explained, “I’m all about writing songs to help people through things they’re questioning,” but she wonders if people will wrongly assume those songs are about her personal life.

Daigle has faced controversy in the past and says those challenges have caused her a lot of distress. The singer appeared on “The Ellen Show” in 2018 and drew criticism from some Christians because host Ellen DeGeneres is openly gay. 

Daigle defended her decision, saying, “The second we start drawing lines around which people are able to be approached and which aren’t, we’ve already completely missed the heart of God.” Daigle later said in a radio interview that she could not “honestly answer” whether or not homosexuality was a sin because many people she loves are gay. 

After Daigle joined worship activist Sean Feucht in November 2020 at his Let Us Worship rally in Louisiana’s French Quarter, the mayor of New Orleans wrote a formal letter requesting Daigle be removed from performing in “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” 

In July 2020, Feucht began holding outdoor “worship protests” around the country featuring singing, baptisms, and healings. The movement is called “Let Us Worship” because it was a response to the COVID-19 restrictions that were placed on houses of worship at the time. Feucht flouted local COVID-19 restrictions while holding these events.